Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Baltimore, MD

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a multidimensional continuum of services directed to persons with pulmonary disease and their families, usually by an interdisciplinary team of specialists, with the goal of achieving and maintaining the individual’s maximum level of independence and functioning in the community.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation at PCCAB

Pulmonary rehabilitation is designed to interrupt the spiral of disability and uses a multidisciplinary team approach The Medical Director ensures an accurate diagnosis, a safe environment, appropriate treatment, and a liaison with the patient’s personal physician. Crucial members of the team include RT, PT, OT, ST, NT, Psychology, Nutritional services and Nursing.


Exercises include specific stretching exercises, regimens on different equipment, and the use of free weights. Exercise equipment for Sunrise Pulmonary rehabilitation includes treadmills, cycle ergometer, free weights, upper body ergometer, and rowing machine.

Patient Education

Patient education is directed at issues such as breathing control, medication usage, equipment, anatomy and physiology of lung disease, the benefits of exercise, relationships and intimacy with lung disease, nutrition, support services, managing anxiety and depression, smoking cessation, and tips on self-management of lung disease.

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The pulmonary specialists at Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore are highly trained in utilizing both exercise and patient education to help with the rehabilitation process and achieve or maintain the maximum level of independence and functioning. Call (410) 832-3400 to schedule an appointment today or request an appointment through our secure online form.